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Why Turn My Rotors?

If your vehicle is "shuddering" during braking or if it is not braking properly the rotors may need to be turned as part of the brake job.  "Grooves" in the rotor surface may have developed over time, which means poorer braking due to less surface area and uneven surface area for the brake pad to meet. 

The machine shop grinds the rotors down in a metal lathe and a small amount of the grooved surface is "cut" away so that the rotor is restored to its previous flat condition. This is so the new brake pads have a flat surface to meet. Failure to turn the rotor will cause the new brake pads to wear out faster. 

Turning rotors is generally a  less expensive alternative to buying new ones, and is usually a good idea to go ahead with it, if your mechanic suggests it is needed. 


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