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Finding the right part should not be like a treasure hunt!

We can help you find the parts that you need for your project whether it is a typical repair or an extensive restoration project. 

A few tips for finding the right part at the right price: 

1. Know before you go! Have as much specific information about your make, model, year and any other helpful information on hand. 

2. Take advantage of the store staff as a resource. An experienced staff person can help ensure that you have the right part for your vehicle the first time. Saving you money, labor, and frustration.

3. Recognize the benefits of shopping at a local bricks & mortar store vs. online parts suppliers: retail auto parts stores can cater to DIY mechanics often sharing experience and knowledge, local stores do not usually have shipping charges added to the cost of the parts, and returns are far more convenient. (Not to mention that more of your dollar is reinvested in the local community in the form of wages, taxes and other purchases.) 


Mazza Auto Parts Ortonville in Clarkston services the needs of Clarkston, Holly, Metamora, Ortonville, Oxford.

Mazza Auto Parts Ortonville
3970 South Ortonville Rd.
Clarkston, MI 48348


Auto Parts & Supplies