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Winter Car Car Tips And Maintenance

Winter Car Care and Maintenance

Don’t be left out in the cold! Winter break-downs could leave you stranded on cold, snowy, slippery roads. Before the snow begins to fly, it is a good idea to make sure your car is in good safe working condition. You or your auto repair shop or local mechanic should give your car a thorough inspection and perform any needed vehicle maintenance to head off potential car trouble:

·       Check the battery

·       Check the brakes

·       Check fluids: antifreeze, windshield washer fluid, and oil

·       Check the heating and exhaust

·       Check tires for tread-wear and proper inflation

For added safety, keep emergency supplies on board in winter months.

·       Blankets

·       Flares

·       A bag of sand for traction

·       Shovel

·       Windshield scraper and brush or broom

·       Tool kit

·       Tow rope

·       Flashlight with extra batteries

·       Jumper cables

·       Waterproof matches

·       A jar candle 

·       First aid kit

·       Red flag

·       Dry clothing

·       Snacks

·       Gloves

A few minutes of thought and preparation now, will give you peace of mind and keep you on the road arriving safely at your destinations all winter long.